Jim Smith

"Those who laugh the most fought the hardest"
Formal - James has been working on an Acting Career since Mid 2010.  Since starting his work in Film, he has met and worked with and for some amazing people.  Casting Directors are at the top of the list with Production Crews running a PHOTO FINISH 2nd.  On a Personal level, James has listened, learned, worked with/for: Cathryn Hartt(Morgan Fairchild's Sister) of, Chuck Norris, Aaron Norris (Brother of Chuck Norris), Sylvester Stallone, Aaron Eckhart, Ashley Judd and and numerous Background/Extras Talent who (in my opinion) don't get enough credit for the work they do.  
Informal - James is a Joker at heart and always tries to leave a good long lasting impression with the people he meets!  He always tries to turn around serious situations with a jab of comedy.  The top things James loves is Family, Friends, his 2 Boxers, Music, anything outside and EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!  James never thought of getting into Acting as a Career until he got a bug in his ear after talking with Aaron Norris.  He paid for his Acting Lessons by Dumpster Diving, picking up scrap throughout his Neighborhood on Big Trash Day and then finally scrapping for a Community Storehouse close to his home.  Driving on the road has never been the same since!!!
I want to get into Acting
(So, you want to get into Acting?!  AWESOME!!!  Get ready for a lot of REJECTION, long, hard, HOT, COLD and possibly... dirty work!  Real dirt! The kind you played in as a kid.  LET'S HAVE SOME FUN!!!  Working on Set is a blast!  Stay out of Production's way.  These people work their butts off...every day...up to 16-18 hour days.  Everyone that I have ever had contact with have been awesome!  That is, unless you aren't listening or following the rules for SET.
Invest in Lessonslessons and more lessons!  Why did I say that three times?!  That is the most important thing to help you get started.  I have been on Sets where people look right into the Camera when Production is Filming!  CUT!!!  "Don't look into the Camera"!!!  ListenListen and Listen some more!!!  OMG!  He said Listen 3 times!!!  Yep!  Why?!  That's right...It's IMPORTANT!!!
Connect with Casting Directors and People on Set. How? Make a Profile on  and The best part is...IT'S FREE!!!  Make Business Cards to connect with everyone.  Make sure your picture is on it!  Market yourself.  You are a Small Business!!!  You are the one in charge of your Destiny!!! Treat everyone how you want to be treated.
Have any questions, please e-mail me.  I will help any way I can.  I will also make you think for yourself.  If I can give you hints or ideas and you come up with something great, your reward will be awesome!  I look forward to hearing from you.